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Yaron Avidan Law Office specializes in 3 major areas, namely Family Law (Domestic Relations, Family & Marital Estate Planning, Inheritance Law); Commercial Litigation (Firms Establishment; Commercial Contracts, Insolvency ַַַ& Liquidation, Representation in Execution Processes) and Real Estate transactions.

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Commercial Litigation

The office specializes in Commercial Litigation and provides wide legal service and cover for firms and entrepreneurs, inclusive of establishment and registration of Limited Liability Companies; Partnerships; and Registered Associations.


Among the other, the office conduct Founders Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Finder Agreements, Term Sheets, and Distribution Agreements. in addition, the office attends firms insolvency and Liquidation, and represents at Execution Process.


The office escorts numerous domestic and global companies in the field of construction, renewable energy and Waste recycling inclusive of Agas Environmental Solution L.T.D, WP Israel, & Ashalim lay-by (Limited partnership).

Family law & Personal Status

The office specializes in complex family disputes that require formulating a legal strategy, with taking firm tactics, in conducting divorce process; along with uncompromising care for the well-being of the children in the transforming family structure, and preserving a strong and vital relation with both parents.


The office provides full legal service and consultation in the area of Personal Status, Divorce and Separation; Alimony; Child Custody & Visitation (Parenting Time); Paternity Claims; Co-Parenting; Prenuptial Agreements.

Divorce conflicts, by nature, are saturated with urges, and inevitably Parties are not acting rationally. Therefore, in high conflict Divorces it is imperative to formulate a legal strategy based on psychological comprehension of the opposing party, along with firm and long ranged tactics.

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Inheritance Law & Family Estate Planning

The office provides a legal advisement in the field of Inheritance Law and provides legal consulting in respect of Family and Estate Planning; conducting Wills and handling Inheritance; Estate Distribution Agreements; executing Wills and Inheritance Litigation; and Durable Power of Attorney.

Property law & Real estate

​The office escorts construction projects throughout Land Acquisition, Construction Agreements and Transactions and Registration. The office conducts Transactions of Private or Commercial Property; Representation of tenants or landlords in Private or Commercial Leases; Contractors and Subcontractors Agreements; Consulting and Supervision agreements; Entrepreneurs agreements; representation in real estate and construction litigation and arbitration.


Advocate Yaron Avidan

Legal Experience

Adv. Avidan holds a Law degree (LL.B) and a Bachelor degree (B.A) in behavioral sciences, both from the College of Management Academic Studies; and a obtained a Master degree (M.A) in Sociology from Tel Aviv University (magna cum laude). Adv. Avidan interned at the District Attorney's Office (Civil Department) and at Eldad Ofek law firm; and served as an Editorial Staff of Hapraklit Law Review (The Israeli Bar Law Review) (2013-2014). He is a member of 4 committees at Israel Bar Association (Merkaz district)– Taxes Committee, Merging & Acquisitions (M&A) Committee, parent-child bond preservation Committee and a member of Petah Tikva Liaison Committee. 

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Commercial Law Experience

Adv. Avidan has a profound comprehension in business law, accumulated throughout 12 years of teaching at the academy, as well as 19 years of experience holding senior managerial positions in the private sector. Adv. Avidan served as an Organization Consultant, was a member of Israel Association of Organization Consultant, and taught numerous courses in the graduate program of Organizational Consulting & Development at the College of Management Academic Studies. in addition, Adv. Avidan served for 19 years in key positions at the private sector, including as Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O) Cinema City Rishon Lezion, and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Cinema-City Beer Sheva. 

Family Law Experience

Adv. Avidan has a profound  acquaintance with family law as an Advocate, Academy Scholar and a Divorced Parent. Adv. Avidan taught numerous courses in the undergraduate program of Behavioral Sciences and in the graduate program of family studies, at the College of Management Academic Studies. Adv. Avidan is a devoted father to a charming little girl, whom he raises in Joint Child Custody, and thus familiar with the legal and psychological challenges of divorce process to a thorough extant.

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